amprnet usage

Participating in AMPRNET

* Other documentation
 * [ Net44 updates]
 * [ Gateways FAQ]

* Create Account at Amprnet portal
 * work through the basic validation process to confirm your email is correct and that you are a licensed amateur.

* If participating in an existing LAN
 # Choose one of the unused IP numbers from the LAN
 # Configure your NOS, Nix or Windows system using the attached recipes
  * JNOS
  * Linux
  * Windows (bpq32, agwpe or ?)
 # Verify basic IP functionality is working - Ping, HTTP
 # Return to Amprnet portal, register an IP number for that LAN.   You will have full access in a few minutes.

* If setting up your own LAN
 # plan subnet based on location and existing networks
 # plan server platform.   Use attached checklist to set it up.
   * JNOS
   * Linux
 # download validation script from Amprnet portal.  Run and fix and reported errors.
 # Register the new lan at the Amprnet portal
 # Update your server configuration as for the services you will be running.
 # Update your server configuration for the backup services you desire and are willing to provide.

Welcome to amprnet.  Other participants will see the RSS announcements of the new server or client and will be saying hello on the forms.

* Who was born on December 25, 1890?   Yes - it is relevant to this posting.

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